HOW TO SEW: self-drafted dress with belt


Good Morning Everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a short “how to” for a dress that I made this week – I had an eye for this dress on Pinterest for a very long time, but I didn’t have an appropriate fabric for it (this dress is all about the right fabric, isn’t it?). I found an ideal fabric for it more than half a year ago, but still didn’t make the dress, because… it’s completely not my style and I was worried I would not wear it (trust me, this happened before – I make something nice, but end up not wearing it because I don’t feel like “myself” in it, yikes!). Luckily, I pitched the idea of this dress to my lovely sister-in-law and she agreed that I make this dress for her, so here it is!

I used my own drafted pattern for this project: while I still use commercial patterns from time to time, I usually end up making tons of corrections for fit, so instead I have a basic pattern block made for my measurements and just use it for creating a desired look much faster and efficiently. “Basic pattern block” might sound like something very difficult and high-tech, but actually, it’s is the most simple, yet well fitting pattern for a dress you can find (for example, I used to use this dress from Burda as my basic pattern block for stretch dresses – the outer design is awful, but the under-dress pattern is a great and versatile piece).

For this dress, I have adjusted the basic stretch dress pattern (black lines) to the desired design (red lines). The dress is unfitted, so it will be easy to make even if it will be your first self-drafted pattern; it only has three pieces (1 piece for front, 1 back piece and 1 piece for belt), thus the assembly is beginner-friendly and (I hope) pattern modifications are easy to understand from the drawing.



Best of luck with your projects and let me know if you have any questions for this dress! I would love to see your creations if you decide to make this dress, so please keep me updated!

Beautiful Sunday, Julie.


HOW TO SEW: cosmetics bag tutorial


Hello Everyone!

As some of you already know, a few years back I was very passionate about bag making and even had a blog about it. Today I would like to share with you one of the tutorials I had published on that blog – while the tutorial is +/- 5 years old, I think that the style is more or less timeless, so I hope you will find it useful and it will give you some inspiration for a Saturday project!

What I love about this cosmetics bag is versatility – depending on the fabrics you choose, it can be flashy, cute, rock-n-roll or classic, just like the version I made. What is more, it could be a great DIY Christmas gift idea – who would not like a nice specially made for them cosmetics bag?!

Let’s move to the tutorial!


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HOW TO SEW: basic techniques I use in my dresses


Hi Everyone!

I am having a day off due to All Saints day, so I decided to use the opportunity and make a short “how-to” video, showing basic techniques that I use in all my dresses (both lined and unlined ones). Please check the video below and let me know your thoughts!

P.s. the dress from this video was already analyzed photo-by-photo with several sewing tips in my earlier blog post, make sure you check it as well!

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HOW TO SEW: half circle skirt to any dress

intro foto

Hi Everyone!

To me, half circle skirts are the most feminine of all – they fit all body types, are very elegant and to top it all of – very easy to make. They are made using your exact measurements, thus very little to none fitting is required to achieve best results each time – how great is that?

The only way to make half skirts better is to add them to a dress – I have recently made two of these beauties and could not be happier with the final looks, as I feel very feminine and classy wearing both of these dresses!

Adding half circle skirts to any dress is very easy, thus I would like to share a quick inspiration “how to” – one is made with regular half-circle skirt, and the second one is high-low hemline option. So, let’s move to the quick tutorial!

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HOW TO SEW: A Totally Invisible Stitch (Step By Step Tutorial)


Hello Everyone!

When it comes to sewing, I never liked two things: invisible stitch (never managed to make it totally invisible and it was annoying) and hand stitching (well, because, bo-o-o-ring!), and so I never in my wildest dreams could imagine that both of these be the best combination for hemming dresses! Making an invisible stitch by hand is what teach in Sewing 101 (no kidding – I was taught that in my first day of sewing school) and they don’t let you even touch a sewing machine until you perfect this stitch (no kidding here as well – I wasn’t allowed to use sewing machine until I proved I can make a perfect invisible stitch, even though I had nearly a decade experience of self-taught sewing:))

It turns out, that making a totally invisible stitch by hand is not that hard of a task, if you know a few tricks – luckily, I can share these pro tricks with you as well! Full tutorial how to master the invisible stitch for hemming dresses or skirts is below – hope you will find it as useful as I did!

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HOW TO SEW: Armhole In a Sleeveless Dress (video tutorial)


Hello Everyone!

When it comes to office wardrobe, sleeveless sheath dresses are irreplaceable: they allow you to look well put together even on a hot summer day, and you can still wear them even when a cold season approaches, with a cute cardigan or jacket on top. All in all – a true office-wear  winner.

However, before I started sewing school, I always dreaded to make a sleeveless dress for one reason only: I did not know how to make a neatly looking armhole (*sight*). For me, they never turned out right, always looked bulky/cringely/uneven – you name it – I made every bad-looking armhole there is and jealously looked a neat finishes on ready-to-wear dresses.

But that all changed within my first project at school, when my teacher showed a few simple, yet HIGHLY effective techniques – ever since then, I am not afraid to make a sleeveless dress, armholes always turn out perfect and it takes approx. 5 minutes or less to make each armhole! Therefore, I decided to make my first video tutorial and show these techniques to you – I hope you will find this tutorial useful and it will upgrade your dress making skills as well! If you have any questions about the tutorial – please let me know, I’ll try to help! 

So here it goes – my first ever video tutorial on how to make an armhole in a sleeveless dress:


TUTORIAL: Make a Bag from a Jacket


Long long time ago (five years ago, to exact – *yikes*, does the time fly by!), I was very interested in bag making and even had a blog about it! I have recently went through old blog archives and found some useful information, that I would like to share here as well – hopefully, it will bring some inspiration and ideas to you, too!

First, I would like to share a tutorial of a bag that I made from a thrifted jacket – even though this bag was made several years ago, I still think it was one of the most stylish things I have ever made and I still keep it in the drawers somewhere 🙂 So, let’s keep moving to the tutorial, so that you can one yourself as well!

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