DID IT MYSELF: Rosy Jacket (+Burda pattern review)


Hello Everyone!

This jacket is very special for me, as I have been eyeing this pattern from Burda Style magazine since I started sewing, but never felt I had enough skills to make it or a right fabric never came along. Luckily, on my trip to fabric store two weeks ago I spotted this beautiful rose-color fabric and immediately knew – the time has come to tackle that jacket!


The pattern is from 06/2007 Burda Style magazine (you can find the pattern here) and at the time it was only the second sewing magazine I purchased – I was still at school and not with the budget for such things, but the designs in this particular issue looked worth the splurge.

While I loved the style of the jacket, I made two big changes in the design: eliminated the double collar (the fabric I chose was too thick, but also I am not a big fan of this design feature) and fitted the back, as the pattern suggested unfitted one (and on me, as a pear-shape figure owner, it’s never a good choice).

The jacket is fully lined (even the pockets!) and it gives extra-nice feeling when wearing it.

I also would like to give you a sewing tip that I find very useful: always hand-stitch the garment and try it on to check the fit, before you bring it to the sewing machine. This allows you to make needed fitting alterations much more efficiently and saves from many seam ripping later on.

All in all, this jacket is truly a winner and it adds to the work-wardrobe very nicely!

7 thoughts on “DID IT MYSELF: Rosy Jacket (+Burda pattern review)”

  1. Really lovely jacket.Such a pretty color. Interesting that the back princess seams extend over the shoulder to the front. I have never seen that before. I will have to dig out that issue and take a closer look


    1. Thank you,Audrey! The extended shoulder looks wonderful looking from the front, but I am not sure I like the view from the back – there is no “normal” shoulder line, so it optically looks that the shoulders are “pushed” to the front. It might not be bad, but definitely need some time to get used to that πŸ™‚


  2. Such a beauty! I’m curious about your handstitch comment. Did you make a muslin too? Or just handstitch instead? I’m debating no muslin on a pair of pants that I don’t have enough fabric to make a test pair with. Great job on the jacket!!


    1. Thank you, Toni! I didn’t make a muslin – honestly, I think they are very time consuming and are not really needed if you are not working of very difficult coat design, for example. Instead, I check the exact measurements in the pattern before cutting it out (I mean, measure pattern details with measuring tape, instead of relaying on what pattern guideline says – I often times find them misleading) and handstitch garment for fitting (very rare stitching, just so that the seams can hold-up for fitting). Hope this helps! πŸ™‚


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