DID IT MYSELF: Tropical Paradise Dress


What comes first – the chicken or the egg? Let me rephrase that: what comes first – the fabric or the design? In case of this dress, the fabric most definitely came first – the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Finding a design was a much bigger headache: as the print is very “loud” (is that even a thing?), the design had to tone it down a little bit and yet not be too boring – not an easy task I can tell you! After weeks of thinking (yes, that’s right – weeks of thinking!) I finally decided to go with a trusted Burda 7/2014 pattern 113 and here it is – the Tropical Paradise Dress, ideal to wear during winter when after months of snow all you want is some flower power!

Pattern used: Burda 7/2014 pattern 113 (you can check the pattern here).

Changes made: eliminated the front zipper (umm, that just looks weird – why was it even there?).

Do I recommend the pattern: yes. I made this model few times already and was happy with results every time – very practical piece of design, I can tell ya!




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