TUTORIAL: Make a Bag from a Jacket


Long long time ago (five years ago, to exact – *yikes*, does the time fly by!), I was very interested in bag making and even had a blog about it! I have recently went through old blog archives and found some useful information, that I would like to share here as well – hopefully, it will bring some inspiration and ideas to you, too!

First, I would like to share a tutorial of a bag that I made from a thrifted jacket – even though this bag was made several years ago, I still think it was one of the most stylish things I have ever made and I still keep it in the drawers somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚ So, let’s keep moving to the tutorial, so that you can one yourself as well!

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DID IT MYSELF! Cute Lion Sweaters For Toddlers


If you have ever searched for a gift for a toddler, you know what a headache it can be – trust me, I know the struggle: I am an aunt of the most adorable nephew and niece in the world, but boy oh boy is it difficult to find a gift for them! *sight*. So, on every occasion – may it be Christmas or Birthday or Christening – after hours and hours of thinking and searching for the perfect giftโ€ฆ I end up asking the mom of the baby what to give (I know I know, please donโ€™t judge me!).

For last years Christmas I wanted to sew for my nephew and niece matching sweaters, and their mom advised to make it like Lion (I wanted to go for Bear, just for the record) – and here is the result, super cute matching Lion sweaters!

Hope this will inspire you for the next time you look for a gift – very original and sweet to make it yourself!



Top 10 sewing mistakes beginners makeโ€ฆ And I am guilty for all of them!


When I started sewing nearly a decade ago, I had very limited resources available, there was no one by my side to consult with and so I made probably every sewing mistake there is. From some mistakes I learned quickly and never repeated them again; some I didnโ€™t even know were mistakes until I started learning sewing professionally at school. Check this Top 10 sewing mistakes beginners make list, find out if you are guilty of any of it (I am guilty for all of themโ€ฆ oops!) and upgrade your sewing game instantly with valuable tips!

  1. Skipping pressing for every seam (yes, e-v-e-r-y seam).

Trust me, proper ironing is a game changer, that turns home-made looking clothing, into โ€œwow, you really made this?!!โ€ clothing. If you press each seam after you have just sewn it, it will be much easier to align all seams nicely; it will be much easier to fit the item on your figure; finished garment will look much better on you and you will even be able to cover some small sewing imperfections. If you will skip ironing – well, it will be visible and it will look sloppy (yup, you can tell even from looking at photos of finished garments if the seams were not pressed during process). Ironing may not be the best part of sewing, but sure makes or brakes the final look!

Tip: if you have a possibility, I suggest you pick a steam iron – I have learned how useful these things are within the first week of my sewing studies, and bought one for home on my second week. Pluses are that usually you can keep them turned on through entire sewing process (hence, you can use it whenever needed) and seams are easily ironed with the help of steam – honestly, now I canโ€™t imagine sewing without it! Continue reading “Top 10 sewing mistakes beginners makeโ€ฆ And I am guilty for all of them!”


DID IT MYSELF! Perfect Office Skirt


To be honest, skirts are not my favourite item to make – I am more of โ€œYes, I already have many dresses, but I donโ€™t have a dress in this color and in this shapeโ€ kind of girl. So when I decide to make a skirt, it usually goes to the bottom of โ€œTo doโ€ list. Same happened with this skirt – it had to wait a looong line to be made; but let me tell you when it was finished, it soon became one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe! Seriously, itโ€™s easy to style (both color and shape can be effortlessly matched with every top I have), itโ€™s very comfortable (made of heavy knit, thus I feel good in it even after a workday) and it looks good on me (A-line skirts and pear shape figures are match made in heaven). To me, it falls under every checkbox for โ€œPerfect Office Wearโ€ and I find myself wearing it for a few times every week. Itโ€™s most definitely a classic piece to add to your wardrobe!

Pattern used: self-made basic pattern.

Techniques used: to speed-up the process, I used the basic skirt pattern that I always have by my side (it saves a LOT of time to always have a ready-made pattern nearby). The invisible zipper in the back. The skirt is not lined, so inner seams are overlocked.



DID IT MYSELF. Navy Blue Dress


My style is rather conservative and classic – this dress is no exception, as there is nothing more classical in work wardrobe than navy blue color and sleek design lines. For me, dresses are No. 1 clothing for office wear that frees from morning headache โ€œWill this top match this skirtโ€ and allows to look well put together throughout the day – what can be better than that? Oh, and this dress is made from very comfortable knit fabric – definitely a winner!

Pattern used: La Mia Boutique pattern.

Changes made: added a wide ruffle at the bottom.

Do I recommend the pattern: absolutely – itโ€™s very easy to adjust to your figure, simple to make and looks timeless. Highly recommended!



DID IT MYSELF: Tropical Paradise Dress


What comes first – the chicken or the egg? Let me rephrase that: what comes first – the fabric or the design? In case of this dress, the fabric most definitely came first – the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Finding a design was a much bigger headache: as the print is very โ€œloudโ€ (is that even a thing?), the design had to tone it down a little bit and yet not be too boring – not an easy task I can tell you! After weeks of thinking (yes, thatโ€™s right – weeks of thinking!) I finally decided to go with a trusted Burda 7/2014 pattern 113 and here it is – the Tropical Paradise Dress, ideal to wear during winter when after months of snow all you want is some flower power!

Pattern used: Burda 7/2014 pattern 113 (you can check the pattern here).

Changes made: eliminated the front zipper (umm, that just looks weird – why was it even there?).

Do I recommend the pattern: yes. I made this model few times already and was happy with results every time – very practical piece of design, I can tell ya!





Hello World! Itโ€™s me – SewingJulie!

DSC_9983Letโ€™s start with an introduction: my name is Julija (Julie for short) and I love to sew.

I love to sew so much, that I can stay up till 2 oโ€™clock at night if I want to get that dress done. I love to sew so much, that I can skip a meal if that one stubborn seam needs to be perfected. I love to sew so much, that the world around me disappears when I sit in front of my sewing machine. Thatโ€™s how much I love to sew.

Apart from making numerous dresses for my barbies as a child, my passion for sewing started to bloom when I got my first sewing machine nearly a decade ago – the moment I made the first seam with it I was hooked and long nights of sewing soon followed, resulting in multiple headaches for my parents (that oldie sewing machine was a loud one, trust me) and bringing me endless frustrations, joys and lessons.

Many things changed throughout these past ten years, including finishing school, starting and later graduating from university (one Bachelor of Economics, please!), starting a career in the world of business and fully stepping into the world grown-ups – all these combined and sewing had to be pushed way down the priority ladder for a while. However, the passion was always there and so was the inner voice, bugging me that sewing should take a bigger role in my life.

And so I decided to finally do something about it: first, in Autumn 2016 I started 2 year long sewing evening classes in a local business school and will be graduating in a year with a diploma in tailoring (yay me!) And now – after tons of consideration – Iโ€™m starting this blog, a much needed creative outlet, where I will have a chance to share my passion with the world (the world of sewing, that is!).

Hopefully, everyone with interest in sewing will find something to take from this blog – tricks, tips or tons of inspiration! Thank you for reading and letโ€™s have sew much fun!


Yours truly,